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march 12th - may 30th 2010

After taking part in the Italian Pavilion at the recent Venice Biennale, Bolla moved to Rome. Two large installations - a mushroom-shaped sculpture, Atomic Vanitas, and a construction consisting of a long tunnel with visible frames - question the importance of being able to "see" beyond appearances, grasping what is hidden behind the veil of an unnatural, carefully-packaged reality. The atomic mushroom, one of the most dramatic icons and quintessential symbol of the short twentieth century, is a corridor a prison or a tunnel.

In the interaction between his working and artistic life, we find in Nicola Bolla a profusion of visual-perception and aesthetic principles, reality and poetry, and optometrics assists an already clear artistic concept: by using the principle of vanity itself, the narration of vanity is joined by scientific considerations that consider the way the sensitivity of the human eye varies according to the wavelength of the light. The closer we move to the light, the more the eye will be struck and dazzled.

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Quadri da Vetrina 2010 Prison Window 2010 Vanitas Atomic Prison Window Vanitas Atomic 2007

Via della Lupa, 24 (Fontanella Borghese) 00186 RM - Tel. +39 06.68801662

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