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march 10th - may 9th 2009

The Gallerja exhibition – Dibbets's first solo show in Rome since 1976 – is built around iconic pieces from the late 1980s modified to include a cut photograph that dialogues with a painted background. These works were foreshadowed by the crucial Guggenheim III – crucial in that this representation of the glass roof and helicoidal space of the famous New York museum concludes the episode of the panoramic, multiphoto constructions which the artist would return to for a tribute to Saenredam at the Musée Zadkine in Paris in 2003. The Guggenheim series raises the issue of the legitimacy of the use of panoramic montage. In terms of its everyday use the panorama is a constructive mode whose goal is to offer a field of vision that clashes with our optical abilities.

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Jan Dibbets Jan Dibbets Jan Dibbets
Guggenheim III, 1986 - 1987 Guggenheim III, 1986 - 1987 Vienna, Leerida 1991 Vienna, Leerida 1991 Montepulciano, 1988 Montepulciano, 1988 Santa Creus, 1994 Santa Creus, 1994
Centre Pompidou Paris, 1981 Centre Pompidou Paris, 1981 Amsterdam GGD, 2001 Amsterdam GGD, 2001 Palacio Güell, 1988-1989 Palacio Güell, 1988-1989  



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